Danny Is Now a Hurricane

An eye formed this morning and Danny is now a very compact hurricane.  Hurricane force winds extend only about 10 miles out from the center.

As of 10:00am CDT, Danny has 75 mph winds–just above the hurricane threshold.  Some further strengthening is possible as Danny moves westward and northwestward across the central Atlantic.  It is still far from any land.

Computer model forecasts are in good agreement that Hurricane Danny will continue on a west-northwest track toward the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico over the next five days.  Assuming Danny makes it to the Caribbean, it will likely encounter some dry air, which could weaken the system.

Should you be worried.  No, it’s too early and Danny is too far away.  A lot will change over the next few days.  We’ll continue to monitor this storm as we would any tropical system and you should, too.

Interactive Tropical Tracker

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