What’s For Breakfast? Strawberry Bread!

Before I get started with this I’d like to say that I’ve had a lot of fun doing this cooking segment on Sunday morning. The crew gets the added benefit of a warm breakfast at the end of the show. I know they appreciate that. I can’t continue to do this on my own however. It’s too much of a time commitment for me with my anchor and reporting duties already in the mix. I’d like to turn our Sunday morning segment into what we normally do on the Noon news. I’d like to have someone from a local restaurant come in every Sunday to show us how to make a great recipe. It doesn’t have to be a breakfast or brunch dish. It can be anything you think people would like to eat or create. Volunteers don’t have to come from restaurants either. If you’d like to take part just contact me.
Here are the parameters:
1. Interested cooks, chefs, culinary experts, etc. have to arrive at the station at least one hour ahead of the segment—6:40 AM or earlier on a Sunday morning.
2. Our kitchen set is somewhat limited in supplies; we have a gas range with four burners, a convection oven and a microwave. You would have to bring your own cooking gear—pots, pans measuring cups and ingredients of course.
3. You’d have to make your dish twice essentially—one that we make on air and another that’s finished to show at the end of the segment.
4. The segment is generally four minutes or less, so if we don’t finish putting it together at that time at least we have the finished version to show at the end.
5. Please provide a copy of the recipe we can put on the website in advance, something in an e-mail would be just fine.
6. Contact Chad Petri. E-mail cpetri@wkrg.com or call/text 251-442-4906.

Alright, today’s recipe comes from Allrecipes.com again. I’ve made this one before. The recipe we’re making on air only makes one loaf. The recipe on the website creates two loaves of strawberry bread. You can see the full recipe here.

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