New Bayou Mayor Trying Not To Rock Boat

Bayou La Batre City Hall is quiet, it should be, it’s the weekend, but recent city council meetings have been anything but quiet or cordial. Now there’s another new mayor in place and it’s hoped things will finally calm down politically in this small community.

I met up with her Saturday morning. Annette Johnson was doing a little meet and greet at a football game for little kids but today she has a big new title: mayor.

“I don’t want to ever leave anything worse, when I go into something I want to leave it better than I found it,” said Johnson. She was appointed mayor following the rocky departure of Brett Dungan

“Our citizens have asked for stability they don’t want to be on the news in a negative way, they want to be on in a positive way and I hope to encourage that in the coming year,” said Johnson. Johnson says she started on good terms with Dungan but things deteriorated. Dungan was convicted of harassment after Johnson said Dungan forcibly grabbed her arm during a meeting. Johnson says she wants to use her time as mayor to make the bayou more welcoming to families and try to improve the community center.

“We do have to live within the revenue funding that comes to our city we can’t borrow out of debt and we want to make sure we manage the monies that come to us in a respectful way,” said Johnson. She will fill out the remaining year or so left in the previous Mayor’s term, but she says she hasn’t decided whether or not she will run for the office herself next year.

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