Lightning Strike Injures 21 Army Rangers Near Eglin AFB

A group of U.S. Army Ranger students and their instructors were injured by a lightning strike on Wednesday evening.

News 5 has learned members of the 6th Ranger Training Battalion were on a training exercise near Eglin Air Force Base when the incident occurred around 5:00pm.

A total of 40 Army Rangers were involved, but only 21 were taken to the hospital for medical evaluation. Of those 21 who were injured, 18 were Ranger students while three were Ranger instructors.

No one was killed, and most of the injuries are believed to be relatively minor.  All the injured Rangers are currently in stable condition.

News 5 is told the battalion received a lightning storm warning and halted the exercise to immediately seek shelter.  Multiple lightning strikes occurred in their area, but one strike hit right near the platoon.

As a precaution, nine Rangers were medevac’d to Eglin Hospital.

More on this developing story on News 5 at 5PM and 6PM.

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