Still Hope Tiffany Daniels will be Found

Tiffany Daniels
Pensacola woman missing for two years, family still hopes for her return.

In the front window of Tiffany Daniels home a candle is waiting to welcome her home.

“Every night the candle comes on at dark and stays on for 12 hours,” says Tiffany’s mom Cindy.

Two years after the girl who loved art and swing dancing went missing, her family still waits. “We didn’t think we would be here again,” says Cindy, “I can truly say that we thought we would have her home by now.”

tiffany daniels 2


She was last seen near Fort Pickens. Her SUV abandoned in a parking lot. No trace of where she had gone or who she may have been with left behind. “We miss her laugh, her humor. We miss her coming in here covered up in paint from her head to toe.”

Just last week a possible break in the case. A message through Facebook said they knew where Tiffany’s body was and who was responsible.

“They wanted three thousand dollars up front and give me a tape of the confession and a copy of the passport of the person that did it,” says Cindy. Authorities say it was a scam and while the investigation into her disappearance remains open that’s about all authorities will say.

“Rodney and I will not believe something has happened to Tiffany unless we are looking at absolute proof,” says Cindy.

tiffany daniels

For the second year in a row Cindy Daniels will once again hold a vigil, “The day is very emotional,” she says. “Worse than it was last year and worse than it was the year before.”

She will hope for new information that will bring her daughter home and tonight the candle that waits for Tiffany to come home will light up again and show her the way.


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