School Uniform Help at Local Closet

Dumas Wesley Community Center
Dumas Wesley Community Center

Back to school shopping can be stressful enough, but especially for some families when it comes to buying school uniforms.

The Dumas Wesley Community Center in Mobile is working to help ease that stress for needy families. Every Thursday, the clothing closet at the center is open for families in need of new clothes.
Lately, the closet has turned its attention to school uniforms. Right now, they have a good number of white shirts and khaki pants for boy and girls. They also have gently used shoes.
While some are in favor of school uniforms, needy families may find it difficult to go out and buy new clothes that fit the dress code.

“Five days a week it’s really hard to clothe a child. A lot of the families that work here are on a limited budget. They are hard working families. They may only be able to afford one or two uniforms for the child,” says Joni Hendee, Communications and Marketing Director for the Dumas Wesley Center.

The Dumas Wesley closet is open for shoppers every Thursday. They take donations at their main office on Mobile Street throughout the week.

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