Two down, Three to go in Baldwin Co. Supt. Search

Baldwin County Public Schools
Pay As You Go Plan could help address school growth system wide.

If there is one thing that Dr. Reginald Eggleston and Dr. James Stevens want you to know about them, it’s this.

“My role would be to come in to build relationships, regain the trust of the community, work with the staff and demonstrate to everyone that we have the best interest for the community as well as the young people who we have the responsibility of educating,” says Eggleston who is currently the assistant superintendent of Mobile County Schools.

“I am a South Georgia conservative that spends money like it is out of my own pocket, that’s the biggest thing,” says Stevens who is Head of School at Crisp Academy. “The other thing is I’m a servant leader. I believe in doing what it takes so that my teachers can do their job and getting out and working in the community.”

One of them could be the next superintendent of Baldwin County schools.

“It was a good experience,” says Eggleston. “I could tell the board is committed to doing the right things for young people.”

“All I can do is be me and do the best I can and the board, I trust to make the best choice. Who is the best fit for them and this community,” says Stevens.

They both bring years of leadership and management skills, life and professional experience and they both believe they can handle the challenges facing the school system.

“I’ve worked in three or four school districts and we all had a set of challenges,” says Eggleston, “but I think putting our collective minds together and energies we were able to work through those challenges and I think we can do the same thing here.”

“When I look at the two opposing forces on the tax issues, if you step back from a neutral point which I was,” says Stevens, “they’re saying the same thing, a lot of them. They just have a different idea of how to get there.”

Each candidate asked and answered questions for about an hour and now they will wait to see if they make the cut for the school systems top job.

Three more candidates for superintendent will be interviewed Thursday starting at four o’clock at the school systems central office in Loxley.

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