New System To Speed Up Airport Blvd. Traffic

airport blvd traffic

Car after car of unhappy people.

“It’s very frustrating. I come out Airport every morning going to work. And it’s like, stop and go, stop and go, stop and go,” says Ann Lauber.

“At lunch, at break, on the way home from work, it takes thirty minutes just to get to the interstate from here,” says one driver.

And Councilman Joel Daves says he feels your pain. He’s going to give the green light to a new traffic system…that’ll cost nearly $600,000.

“Anyone who’s been on Airport knows we have a problem!” says Daves.

The Mobile City Council extended a 20% “penny” sales tax and is letting council members choose how a certain amount will be used in their districts. Daves listened to the residents of district five.

“First and foremost, they came from citizen input, they came also from 311 calls,” says Daves.

The new system will benefit the stretch of road from Sage Avenue to McGregor.

We took that drive for ourselves in the middle of the lunch rush hour. The stretch only about two miles long.

It took me about eight minutes, rounding up, to get from Sage Avenue to McGregor. And it seemed like the minute I’d get through one light, I’d only be stopped at the next, and I can see how that would make people really mad.

“Extremely frustrating,” says one driver.

“We don’t like all these delays,” says another driver.

But the good news is we’re told this new system will really help improve traffic along that stretch of Airport Boulevard.

“Tying them in with a fiberoptic cable, the intersections will have what we call a master controller that will talk to the rest of the controllers and make sure they are all running the same time of day plans, you’ll get a more smooth transition of traffic between Sage and McGregor, says Director of Traffic Engineering Jennifer White.

The project will begin October first.

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