City Sued Over MPD Shooting

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court attempting to sue the City of Mobile for damages over a shooting that happened two years ago.

37-year-old Ray Anson Mitchell was shot and killed by police officers on Bonneville Drive in West Mobile on September 6, 2013.

His family filed the wrongful death suit last week, claiming Mitchell was uncombative and officers used unnecessary deadly force in the shooting.

It happened on Mitchell’s aunt’s property who initially called police concerned about a prowler. According to the filing the aunt told dispatchers and officers on the scene that Mitchell was mentally ill and likely didn’t mean harm, but that she wanted him removed from the house.

At the time of the shooting police said Mitchell used one of the officer’s TASERS and began TASING her, that’s when officers fired their guns.

The suit disputes those events and names officers Steven Chandler, Miranda Wilson and Patrick Palmer in addition to the city.

Mobile Police would not confirm the current employment status of the officers.

After the shooting the District Attorney’s office did present evidence to a grand jury who found no criminal wrongdoing.

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