Brewton Teen Accused of Torching Her Home to Kill Her Family

News 5's Pat Peterson with more tonight on News 5 at 6pm

Love Freedom Rutledge, 17, and the remnants of her home north of Brewton.



  • 17-year old Love Freedom Rutledge is charged as an adult and is being held in the adult facility at the Escambia County Detention Center on $200,000 bond.
  • Investigators are trying to determine motive in this disturbing crime.
  • Investigators tells News 5 Rutledge had at least one run-in with police as a juvenile under the age of 14.


News 5 is uncovering more details on a disturbing story near Brewton.

Authorities tell News 5 that 17-year-old Love Freedom Rutledge has been arrested for setting fire to her home in an attempt to murder her family inside.

It happened in the middle of the night in the Appleton community about eight miles north of Brewton. Rutledge allegedly used gasoline to light her family’s mobile home on fire with her parents, brother and grandfather all inside.

No one was killed, but Rutledge’s older brother suffered severe burns.

After allegedly setting the fire, Rutledge took off, police said. However, she was later tracked down by police with the help of a K-9 officer.

When police found Rutledge, she appeared to be “disoriented,” police added.

The mobile home was completely destroyed in the fire. News 5 arrived at the home on Wednesday afternoon and the trailer was still smoldering three days later.

Rutledge is being charged as an adult for the alleged crimes. She is charged with arson and four counts of attempted murder — one for each member of her family inside the trailer.


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