“Why Did He Snap?” Question Lingers In Lafayette

A mother and son in Lafayette lay nine flowers under a tree at the site of the theatre shooting in Lafayette Sunday morning

The Grand Theatre in Lafayette remains closed for another day. Sunday services at Our Lady Fatima became a de facto memorial service as well for the slain and wounded. Today questions linger over why the gunman from Alabama, John Houser, did all this.

“Why did he snap?” asks Mike Edmonson with the Louisiana State Police rhetorically.  Authorities are still going through posts he made online and he written journal.

“Here’s the bottom line, he bought a gun, he wrote down he was coming to this movie theater 7:15 on a Thursday night, he stood up and he shot a beautiful young woman Macyi Breaux and then he shot her boyfriend,” said Edmonson.  The investigation continues today and they may turn the theatre back over to its owners Monday.

“What I understand today the crime scene is going to go back through a couple areas couple of questions for some forensic scientists want to review different things,” said Edmonson.  Occasionally someone will come to the theatre with flowers.  I watched a mother and son lay nine roses under a tree and say a prayer for the victims.

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