Sears Hometown Stores Thriving in Small Towns

The current Sears Department Store in Mobile – is the size of a city block. It sells everything from clothing, jewelry to tools. But despite the selection, over the years competition drove shoppers elsewhere. The store is now scheduled to close by the end of September.

But out in Foley, there are no plans to close the Sears Hometown Store.

“I got a blade, spark plugs, and an air filter,” said Chris Thomas, a shopper from Summerdale.

Thomas says this is often his first stop for parts and new equipment.  He’s glad to hear that the store will not be going anywhere.

“We have actually had calls today, asking if we are still going to be open,” said Brian Daigle, Foley Store Owner.

Daigle tells us the picture is much different for the smaller, Hometown Stores that focus on hard goods, such as tools and appliances.

“We have what we think the customer wants and needs in our market and what we don’t have we can always order,” explained Daigle.

Currently there are only two Hometown stores in the local area, the Foley location, and the one in Daphne. Sears’ parent company recently announced it’s looking for someone to open a new store in Mobile. Daigle is considering it.

“Our business has grown year over year, we’ve been here for 10 years now, we’ve had growth almost every year, and the organization as a whole, the Hometown Store organization is added stores,” added Daigle.

He thinks a location in West Mobile could work out, but for now he just wants to make sure he keeps his shop running like a mom and pop shop with great customer service.

“Actually got [down on the ground to check the riding mower] and made sure I had the right socket, very nice,” said Thomas.

And that’s what some say will keep them returning.

To learn more about the Foley Hometown Sears store, and some of their community events, please click their Facebook page link here.

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