Missing Teen Fishermen in Florida

Two Florida teens, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, have been missing since Friday after never returning from a fishing trip.

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, both 14 years old, were last seen Friday in Jupiter, Florida fueling a 19-foot boat. The boys never returned from the scheduled fishing trip Friday night.

The Coast Guard launched a search Friday night that has covered more than 14,000 square nautical miles. Sunday afternoon, Petty Officer Steve Lehmann says the boat was found about 67 miles off the Atlantic Coast near the Ponce de Leon Inlet in Volusia County.

The boat was found capsized and neither boy was seen in the area. The Coast Guard is recalculating their search plans based on the location of the boat, which anchored in place while search efforts continue.

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and former Alabama Crimson Tide Quarterback Joe Namath is offering a $100,000 reward in the search. Perry Cohen is a neighbor of Namath, who says that both boys are experienced boaters.

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