Alabama Rest Stops No Longer “Gun Free Zone”


Connie Faber is traveling home to Baton Rouge Louisiana.

“We’ve seen too many killings in the last few years,” says Faber.

She told us she’s glad the signs banning guns and other weapons from rest stops along the highway have been taken down.

“I think if all people were allowed to bring a weapon then I would probably feel safer cause there would be a two way street,” says Faber.

But that two-way street is exactly what scares Bobby Pickett

“If someone had a gun on them I would want them to have experience with a gun and know what to do with it, I don’t want to be just in a random shootout,” Pickett.

Gun owners, though, stand by their training. Still, some argue the signs didn’t really do anything.

“I don’t think they are, personally. Does a criminal really care what a sign says? I don’t feel it does,” says Ozzie Vickers.

Meanwhile, others say they never put their faith in a sign to begin with.

“I trust in God, hear? And I think that if anything is going to happen, it’s going to happen,” says Rose Martin.

The DOT put up the signs in 2013 after legislature passed a law that relaxed some gun restrictions.

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