No More Blue Collar Country, Big Changes

Blue Colllar Country
The Foley entertainment complex will undergo a name change.

520 acres of possibility becoming a reality now that the Poarch Creek Indians have taken control of what was “Blue Collar Country”.

“There has been a lot of activity over in the sports fields area and now it’s our turn,” says operations director Chuck Corley. He says changes to the property will start as soon as next week. “We are ready to get some of the things in our area. The first thing is digging out the lake.”

What they are not ready to do is get specific. News Five has learned there is a water park planned, amusement park area, retail shops and restaurants, hotels and an event center.

“The layout has changed although it’s basically the same with the focal point being the lake at the center,” says Corley. “We will have more of an emphasis on themeing.” And it won’t be called “Blue Collar Country” anymore. “We are kind of honed in on something but going through our due diligence to make sure there are no problems down the road,” says Corley.

The only activity on the property over the last two years has been from the city of Foley as work continues on a state of the art sports complex. With a 200 million dollar committment from the tribe, mayor John Konair says the project is moving forward and will change his town. “That’s the one piece of the tourism puzzle we’ve been missing is entertainment after dark and this will provide that and it will help the beach, it will help us, it will help everybody.”

“You are going to be proud of this property when we get it done,” says Corley. “It’s going to be a family friendly entertainment destination and you are going to be happy it’s here.”

The tribe has a ten-year building plan for the site with most of the work being done in the next couple of years. When complete they expect four million visitors a year and 15 hundred new jobs.

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