Mobile Mom Pleads For Help in Finding Son’s Killer

March 27th 2015 will be one of the most heartbreaking days for Michelle Overstreet.

“And that morning around 8 is when my older son called me to inform me that my son had been murdered,” recalled Overstreet.

Her son was found dead, slumped over in his car near Martin Street and Old Shell. Mobile police reported he was shot multiple times.

“Vigor High School, the new Vigor, he helped do the remodeling,” said Overstreet.

Overstreet says her 28 year old son had been through rough patches in his life, and was working to advance — and did not deserve to die the way he did.

“Let them tell you the motive was robbery, he didn’t have much. He drove a white BMW, they didn’t take the car, I’m baffled right now.”

Dominique’s mother tells us he went out with friends that night.

“Had he not known the individual that murdered him, they wouldn’t have been that close to him.”

She thinks somebody saw something, but they’re too afraid to talk.

“I always say that if there’s a person out there that has the truth and won’t tell it, then let your conscience be your guide, because I know you’re not sleeping at night, if you watched a young man get murdered.”

Her plea is to not just for information, but for families of victims who’s murder cases remains unresolved.

“I realize there are more murders in Mobile and Prichard than my son’s there are other mothers and fathers that are suffering the same way I’m suffering, so if you can’t solve this case, get some more man power.”

Overstreet is now waiting for the day police, or a potential tip comes in that puts the person responsible for her son’s death behind bars.

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