Fake Fetus Story Making Rounds On Facebook

fake fetus story

News 5 has gotten several emails about an article circulating the web about aborted fetuses being found in the basement of a Mobile area McDonalds. We want to let people know this story is fake.

There are several ways to tell—first, the website—it says it’s news channel 8, which is not a local Mobile news channel. They stole the logo from a legitimate news organization. And nowhere on the website does it even say what city it represents. Second of all, the article quotes a Lieutenant Robert Gaines—there is no such lieutenant at Mobile Police and even if there were, he wouldn’t be the one giving interviews to the media—they have an officer who is authorized to speak to the media, and that’s Officer Terence Perkins.

We took the liberty of calling the number they had listed under their “contact us” tab and it led to a Las Vegas escort service. The person who created this website most likely stole that number.

Unfortunately a lot of people are believing this article—the story has been shared over 66 thousand times on Facebook.

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