Feds Investigating Deadly Marine Shooting

A closer look at windows and doors to an Armed Services Career Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee reveals up to 30 bullet holes. Chatanooga Shooting 1

The gunman shot one marine in the leg before driving seven miles to a Navy Marine and Reserve Center where it appears he crashed through an unmanned gate and shot four marines to death.

Chatanooga Shooting 2

The gunman, shot to death by a police officer, Muhammad Abdulazeez, was born in Kuwait. Abdulazeez, an American citizen, graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2012.

The attack highlights the challenge for military recruiting centers, designed to be very easy for the public to walk into which can make them easy targets.

There are reports of stepped up police presence at high profile centers like New York and Boston.Chatanooga Shooting 4

News 5 checked offices in Mobile Thursday after the Chattanooga attacks, and it seemed to be business as usual. Mobile Police Spokesman Terrence Perkins said officers are not taking any extra precautions at this time.

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