Giant Football Camp Hosted By Hometown Hero

800 kids and one hometown hero make for a big day of football in Mobile. Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron played host to his first football camp for kids today. Baker High school coaches and players helped kids as young as six learn how to be better at the game. It was an extremely hot day but the guys tried to keep the fun in fundamentals.

“Make it very simple, we’re going to encourage them, we’re going to give them high fives we’re gonna hug them that kind of stuff,” said Baker High School Coach Danny Smith. They expected to have 400 kids for the morning session and another 400 for the afternoon session.

“We’re going to have some fun, go through some drills try to help them as much as we can we just want them to have fun and a good time while they’re out here,” said AJ McCarron. The camp was going to be held at St. Paul’s. That’s where McCarron went to high school. There was so much interest they had to move it to Baker High School where they have bigger facilities.

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