“Fat Albert Airlines” Offers Thrilling Ride

When the Blue Angels show starts on Pensacola beach — it’s led by not a jet fighter, but a propeller plane, a C-130.

It’s more commonly known as the Fat Albert. The aircraft was first used in the 1960s by military, and is still popularly used today. The Blue Angels use the plane to transport crewmembers and tools, and it’s also a featured member of the elite squadron.

News 5 went along for a ride this Friday to see what it’s like riding in the plane that leads the way. It begins with a hard take off at 45 degrees. In just minutes were up at 1200 feet, and rolling, turning, ascending, and then diving again… The ride is pretty much like an extreme roller coaster mixed with zero Gs.

Major Dusty Cook is the pilot on deck for this weekend’s show. He tells us his theory about how a cargo plane has lately been stealing the show.

“And to see what some people call a lumbering, a medium sized transport airport plane, do the things that it does, that wows people.”

The Pensacola Beach Air Show continues at noon this Saturday.

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