What’s Working: Mobile County Students Get Incredible Summer Internship

Some Mobile County public school students are getting a huge opportunity this summer.They are part of BC Rain’s Signature Aviation Academy, and they are the very first interns at Mobile Aerospace. During the school year, the students learn about aviation by studying the inside of a small Cessna aircraft. During their internship, they are working on large jets, that are being repaired at Mobile Aerospace. They spend time in the parts warehouse, the machine shop, and in the jets themselves. Many of the jets are being converted from a passenger jet to a cargo plane. The students are all receiving real-life experience that they can put on a resume.

Almost all of the six students say they plan to pursue a career in aviation. Cameran Howard says, “It is great to be here. I would love to be in the plane or fixing it as well.” Alvin Bass with Mobile Aerospace says they hire some of these students after graduation.”We want them to understand what the aviation community is about. Aviation is behind the scenes. We want them to get an understanding of the business as a whole. Hopefully, this will guide their career path.”

The students are paid during their internships.

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