Rare Look Inside Mobile Metro Jail and the Ladies in Charge

The warden at Mobile Metro Jail describes the place as a pressure cooker. Twenty-seven thousand inmates cycle through every year. Ninety percent of them are men. No doubt, it’s a dangerous job. That’s why it came as a surprise to us that the two captains who run the jail, are women.GUARDS SMILE

Captains Sadie Stallworth and Felecia Prince are second in command. Under the direction of Warden Trey Oliver, they have been running the jail for over 25 years each. They are not afraid to be tough. Captain Stallworth says, “I am the extreme one. I can go from zero to 200 in two seconds.” Captain Prince may be calmer, but she is very effective. She says, “You have to remember this is a jail. Everyone is not here because they missed Sunday school. They are here because they made poor choices in life. They have a chance to make it right while they are here.”

The captains took News 5 on a tour of the jail.TOUR The inmates are divided into wedges. They are grouped according to their crimes. Captains Stallworth and Prince showed us the necessary safety checks they conduct several times per day. Both say they do their jobs for more than just a paycheck. They say they have found their passion. Captain Prince calls it a ministry. ” Being here means I am helping people. Public servant, helping people. That is what it is all about. It’s a career, but it’s also a ministry.” Captain Stallworth says, “The longer you stay here, you develop a love and a passion, and it becomes a career.”BACK 2

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