Pacific Ocean Tropical Depression 4E East of Hawaii

Tropical Depression
Pacific Tropical Depression 4E

A tropical depression sits about 800 miles to the east-southeast of Hawaii. It is designated as 4E where the E stands for Eastern Pacific. TD 4E will likely become a tropical storm but pass well to the north of Hawaii. The Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu is issuing advisories on this system. Currently it has maximum sustained wind of 35mph, and it is moving northwestward at 16mph.

Follow the track of TD 4E on the wkrg interactive tracker or on your free News 5 Weather App.

Weather App
News 5 Weather App Shows TD 4E

The Atlantic Ocean basin is quiet. That includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. In the western Pacific, the tropics are active with three named storms seen in this satellite view from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Satellite View of Western Pacific
Multiple Typhoons and Tropical Cyclones in the Western Pacific

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