City Seal Change Won’t be Quick, or Expensive

There’s still some confusion a day after the City of Mobile abandoned its official seal – one that featured the Confederate flag and several other flags. News-5 is told the move impacts most, but not all, city agencies. The changes won’t be made quickly, but therefore they won’t be expensive either.

Mobile Fire Rescue has its own logo. Developed in 1974, it includes the six flags over a phoenix. The Confederate Flag changed from the Battle Flag to the Third National Flag in 2000 when the city seal made the same change.

So far the department has heard nothing about the change

“We have not been given any directive but we’ll do whatever we’re told to do,” said spokesman Steve Huffman.

A spokesperson for the mayor says the change will impact Mobile Fire Rescue

“We will streamline it throughout city government so everything will be changed,” said Laura Byrne.

Byrne says the changes will not be made quickly.

That should come as no surprise.

The Mayor’s office doors still have the Battle Flag logo the city changed in 2000.

The flag that flies in the council chamber still has the 15 year old seal.

But slow change will also mean a less expensive change.

“Won’t be no cost associated with it,” said City Councilman Fred Richardson. “As they buy new cars they will put the new seal on it. We’re not saying go out and strip the cars down. No!”

“It will be an attrition thing because that will be the most efficient use of taxpayers’ dollars,” added Byrne.

Historic home markers too at one point, switched from using the Confederate Battle Flag to the Third National Flag. They are handed out by Mobile Historic Development Commission – a branch of the city – but operated by an independent board.

That organization will have to make its own decision about any redesign.


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