Barge Accident Shows Need for Another Island Bridge

Foley Beach Expressway Toll Bridge
One of only two ways on or off Pleasure Island.

Shut down one of the only two ways on and off of Pleasure Island. Add to the mix that the majority of people driving around aren’t from around here and you’ve got a mess.

“We have to take detours to get where we need to go,” says Drew McCay. “It takes us way out-of-the-way. Maybe 30 minutes extra.”

The hours it took to re-open the toll bridge in Orange Beach gave city officials a glimpse of what could happen if it had been a major accident that would have closed the bridge for months for repair.

“I don’t know what we would have done,” says mayor Tony Kennon. “We could not have moved traffic. It would have been an absolute log jam.”

It also rekindled the debate over building another way on and off the island. “I think it’s a necessity,” says motorists Gary Hartman. “I mean eventually you are going to have too.”

It hasn’t been for the lack of trying but Kennon says Montgomery isn’t listening. “They need to invest in the infrastructure in a golden goose that sends a ton of tax money to Montgomery.”

There are two options Kennon says would move traffic around the island, an elevated road over the state park or another bridge. This one over Wolf Bay.


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