Celebrating the 4th In Gulf Shores

While most of the people here at the Gulf Shores Public Beach are waiting for the fireworks a lot of people had to get up before dawn to beat the traffic. Families get an early start to their beach day, some getting up very early to make the long drive to gulf shores to beat the traffic.

“I’m good to go, I rested well the whole week I’m good to go,” said Patricia Young. She said she left her home at 4:30 Saturday morning to beat the traffic onslaught. For some it’ll be a long wait until 9pm, but they’ll find ways to make a walk around south Baldwin worth it.

“We’re going to eat a little bit maybe a few drinks little beach fun, get in the water,” said Larry from Birmingham. Whether you’re reserving your spot in the sand or taping down a picnic table–staking a claim is very important. The Robbins family is prepping for an annual family reunion–and a few tables down the halls are getting ready for the day.

“Just to eat some good food, enjoy some fireworks and enjoy the sun, that’s about it for us,” said Laquanda Hall from Montgomery.

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