The Gay Marriage Fight In Mobile

For nearly four months these windows for marriage licenses have been closed in Mobile County.

No licenses were granted to anyone, gay or straight couples alike.

The confusion started back in January when, seemingly out of the blue, a decision came from a federal judge calling Alabama’s ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional.

The ruling was based on a case from Mobile couple Kim McKeand and Cari Searcy.

While some counties quickly started issuing licenses, it was a standoff in mobile.

For four days couples waited as it took another court order for the windows to come up.

However celebration was short lived. The state’s Supreme Court ordered the stoppage of same sex unions. Their ruling contradicted the federal order and ever since those windows have been closed.

Probate judge Don Davis said he’d wait for a final ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. Three months later that day came today.

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