Same Sex Couples React To SCOTUS Ruling


History was made today. Not just for us, but for everyone,” says Robert Povilat.

The scene outside probate court today after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.

“Oh I’m very happy, very happy for everyone in the country.”

“It’s great news, it’s something that we’ve been waiting for for a long time and people before us, cause I’m young, have been waiting for it for years and years and so it’s a great day!”

Flags waving, balloons flying, and cars honking. Same sex couples in Mobile County overjoyed with the decision today.

“I ran out the door, to get some air and then came back in and read it again and it was right!” says Kiera Willis.

But Shay French admits, there was some trepidation about the ruling.

“I was definitely concerned, I was a little bit worried, just that waiting period, trying to figure out what was going on,” says French.

And confusion for Robert Povilat, who was married to Milton Persinger in February.

same sex couple 1

“It was very frustrating for us cause we still felt even though we were married, that our marriage was still in limbo until this ruling came down,” says Robert Povilat.

Cari Searcy and her partner Kim McKeand struggled to get their California marriage recognized in Alabama so they could adopt. They first filed a petition for adoption in 2006, three months after their son was born.

“I’m so happy for equality today and that the supreme court ruled across the land on this very important issue, but I think I will completely celebrate and pop that champagne cork when our adoption papers are finally signed after nine and a half years!” says Kim McKeand.

Those papers still sit on Judge Roy Moore’s desk. But that doesn’t change the way they feel.

“Our family is equal! Oh my gosh! We didn’t know what that felt like cause we had it then we didn’t have it and we had it, and now? It’s legal in all 50 states. What a blessing,” says McKeand.

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