No Marriages in Baldwin County

In a quiet ceremony back in February, Kelly Pfannenstiel and Latoria Smith made history becoming the first gay couple to marry in Baldwin County.

The supreme court ruling striking down the gay marriage ban was met with tears. “My wife called me. She was upset. She wasn’t upset she was crying because she was happy,” says Smith.

But the ruling put on hold anyone wanting to get a marriage license in Baldwin County, gay or straight.

“We’re holding the applications till 10 o’clock on Monday,” says probate judge Tim Russell, “and then our attorneys will have had a chance to completely review the supreme court decision and advise me what I need to do.”

Opponents of gay marriage say we’re watching the end of a nation. “It’s a sad day,” says Dean Young. “It’s a sad day for this nation that five people have done this to this country. But it’s not over.”

Young says two of the justices should have never ruled on the case because they have performed same-sex marriages. “Whatever we can do we’re going to do. If we have to go for an amendment to the constitution, if we need to get rid of some justices on the supreme court, we need to start moving the ball in that direction.”

Smith calls the ruling liberating. “We’ve been together 10 years so it felt like we had been married already. Now we just got it on paper.”

On her wedding band is a simple inscription “True love waits”. Couples wanting to get married in Baldwin County are still waiting.

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