Explosion, Decapitation at French Factory

France factory attack

UPDATE: 6:05am

PARIS (AP) – France’s president says a suspect in what he called a “terrorist” attack at a gas factory in southeastern France has been arrested and identified.

Francois Hollande, speaking in Brussels, said one person was killed and two wounded in the attack, which began shortly before 10 a.m. Friday when a car crashed the gate and plowed into gas canisters, touching off an explosion.

Hollande said one suspect has been arrested and indicated that a second attacker might have been involved.

He was returning to France and called a high level defense council meeting for Friday afternoon.



PARIS (AP) – French authorities say one person has been beheaded in an attack and explosion at a gas factory in the southeastern part of the country.

Several other people have been wounded.

Officials say banners with Arabic writing were found near the body. And the decapitated head was posted on the gate at the entry to the factory.

French officials say the attack began mid-morning when a car crashed into the entrance of the factory and into gas canisters, touching off the explosion. One attacker was arrested. Authorities have opened a terrorism investigation.

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