Alabama Reacts to Gay Marriage Ruling

When Cari Searcy and Kim McKeand of Mobile heard the supreme court ruling Friday supporting gay marriage, they did the happy dance with their son. “We were like… our family is equal! Oh my gosh! We didn’t know what that felt like cause we had it then we didn’t have it and we had it, and now? It’s legal in all 50 states. What a blessing”, said McKeand.SAME SEX MARRIAGE 3

She calls it a blessing, political activist Dean Young says it’s the end of a nation. “We’re at a tipping point and if the Christian people the god fearing people of this nation don’t stand up then they are watching the end. So we’re going to either have to stand up and say this isn’t going to happen and we’re not going to pretend like it’s okay cause it won’t stop with gay marriage. The homosexuals are going to force businesses to cater to them. They are going to force their activity, their beliefs on people and if we don’t adhere to it they are going to force us to adhere to it or take us to court and sue us”, said Dean.SAME SEX MARRIAGE 2

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore said the ruling is not the end of this issue. “I think it is just the beginning. I think it’s the beginning just like when the court in 1857 declared that black people were property. It had no right to do that and there was a long turmoil there after. There was actually the civil war and there was a constitutional amendment”, said Moore.

Governor Robert Bentley shares Moore’s belief that marriage should be between a man and woman. He doesn’t like the court’s decision, but, will obey it. “We have to go obviously by what the court’s say, but I certainly can disagree with them and I do. I think this is an incorrect ruling and I honestly think it should be left up to the states if government should be involved in marriage at all”, said Bentley.

At least for now, same sex couple can celebrate. “It’s a wonderful feeling. This is what we’ve been fighting for this whole time just to be considered equal and to have the same rights as any other parents and families in Alabama and today’s a wonderful day because we finally know what that feels like”, said Cari Searcy.

Justice Moore responded to same sex marriage celebrations,SAME SEX MARRIAGE 4

“They can celebrate and I’m sure they will, but they’re celebrating because the constitution was upheld. They’re celebrating because it was violated and I think that’s the point. They’re celebrating because they got their way and I have no animosity to people. It’s not about hating homosexual people or hating gay people. It’s about adhering to the constitution and the traditional definition of marriage and that’s what we should do”.

The chief justice says there could be a re-hearing in 25 days, it’s up to the supreme court.

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