Dapper Thief Hits Local Car Dealerships

Two luxury car dealerships on the Beltline were both hit by a bold thief over the weekend and in one case cars were driven off the lot.

Video surveillance from inside the Dean McCrary Audi dealership shows a man walking into the business during business hours Saturday night.

He takes a bag of keys and then leaves the building.

Workers believe some time that night or Sunday night he came back and drove two cars off the lot. Each is valued at over fifty thousand dollars.

Two other cars were also damaged in the process.

“In fact they didn’t steal one car they stole two so we are going to have to lock our dealership down more than we already have it locked down now,” said owner Dean McCrary. “We have plenty of cameras, we have over 65 cameras throughout the campus and we have some real good shots of the guy and hopefully we can catch this guy.”

The same man is also seen on video at another dealership down the road. He entered Joe Bullard Automotive and stole two sets of keys, but didn’t make off with any vehicles.

“it was just amazing how calm he was,” said General Manager Marc Heiter. “He knew what he was doing. He was a professional.”

Mobile Police are also looking for another man believed to have taken keys Monday from Joe Bullard Automotive.

It’s unclear if the two suspects are connected.

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