Smaller Tenants Watch Brookley Change For Airbus

The owner of this warehouse at Brookley moved from Elberta.  That’s across the bay, and the owner wanted to be across the street from Airbus.

“It has been extremely profitable moving over,” said the President of Service Construction Supply Gilbert Roberts.  He’s watched the gradual changes.

“What it has inspired the people of Brookley to do to the old buildings and the new and the facade here is just incredible they have really enhanced the area,” says Roberts.  Other tenants are mostly happy as well.

“They’re doing a lot of great things out here to make it better,” said the President of Industrial Wellness Rehab Richard Sullivan.  He has been here more than 20 years and likes the growth; he just wishes officials would do a better job of keeping the little guys in the loop.

“As big of a blessing as it’s been it’s been hard to try and figure out what’s really going on,” said Sullivan.     Roads and signs have been improved and the Michigan Avenue bridge has been upgraded.  Construction on Broad Street continues and buildings are targeted for improvements.  Airport Authority executive director roger Wehner says—after talking with the people who run the business parks where airbus is housed in Germany and France there’s always something to work on.

“Even after 50 years they’re still not exactly there you just have to have a good sound methodical plan and as the environment changes either by demand or the environment here you can just react to it,” said Wehner.

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