Mobile Planning Commission Tours Port Terminals

The Mobile Port is more than 300 years old, and as it’s been growing it’s also running out of space. Now some want to bring in more oil tanks which takes up limited space and that has many raising concerns.

That’s why Monday the Mobile Planning Commission took a tour of the Port to get a close up look up at what’s at the center of the debate, storage thanks. The tour was led by the Alabama State Port Authority. It started from the state docks near water street, down towards Africatown, and the across the Baybridge. We spoke with a member of the commission before the tour took off.

“It’s important for us to look at all of the different issues that are involved in land use, whether its industrial, residential, the locations, safety issues. I think some of the members of the planning commission including me have not as familiar with these areas on a personal first hand basis and it will help us make the right decisions for Mobile,” said Jennifer Denson, Planning Commission Member.

A public hearing is planned for next month, before the commission makes its final recommendations to city council.

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