Hollywood is in Orange Beach

Mario Van Peebles and Chris Sherill
The director of the new Nicolas Cage movie filming in Orange Beach took in some local cuisine Sunday night,

A strange vessel is just off the coast of Orange Beach.

“They first pull up and guests start complaining about an oil rig outside and we call the city and they confirm that’s a movie set out there and guests love it now,” says property manager Greg Crews.

The film, “USS Indianapolis-Men of Courage” starts production this week. The celebrity sightings have already begun. “Mario Van Peebles and his family came last night,” says Flora Bama Yacht Club Chef Chris Sherill. “We were able to feed them and talk about what his life is like as an actor. We really didn’t talk about the movie much but what an awesome guy, family man just an honor to have him here at the restaurant.”

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood has come to Orange Beach but Sherill believes it will be Orange Beach that will leave the lasting impression. “What we know as ambassadors to the area is that they’ll all be treated with southern hospitality and they will never forget being here at the coast.”

The production is only supposed to last for ten days, depending on weather. They will also be shooting a plane crash scene on Wolf Bay.

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