Mobile’s First Ever A320 in Homestretch

Parts for the first A320 to ever be built in Mobile is now on it’s way into the port. From there, it’ll make its final journey to the Airbus plant at the Brookley Complex. But before it gets there, those parts have to be unloaded from the cargo ship through the APM Terminal.

The components are some of the largest pieces of cargo to come through the terminal. And because of that, changes have been made to accommodate the new shipments in and around the port. The terminal itself has brought in specialized equipment to lift some of the cargo. It’s also added more space to house those parts before they get hauled to their final destination 3 miles away. Denson White, with APM tells us it’s taken months of planning.

“We’ve had to do some minor adjustments her at the facility to get ready for it by putting in some places for them to be stored and handle that so it’s really not a huge change for us. But up and down the road there’s been a lot of little things going on for the past year actually they’ve done improvements to the road between here and the final assembly line so there’s been a lot of small things coming together to make — this day and this week come together,” said White.

The City of Mobile has also helped to widen, and improve the roads for transport. The shipments are expected to come in once a month. That’s expected to gradually increase to once a week over the next year.

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