Heat Index Above 100 in Many Cities in Alabama

The summer solstice is this weekend, but it is already hot in Alabama. Higher temperatures are nothing new for our area. Every June, July, and August are hot, but now more people pay attention to the heat index for their city. Today across Alabama, the heat index rose to 100 degrees or higher in many places. Of course, the heat index can fluctuate hour by hour. Here is a list of heat indices as record by the National Weather Service around 3:00 P.M.:

Temp: 92 Heat Index: 98

Temp: 98 Heat Index: 104

Temp: 94 Heat Index: 100

Temp: 95 Heat Index: 103

Temp: 94 Heat Index: 98

Temp: 99 Heat Index: 104


Extreme heat can be dangerous to you and your pets. For more information on summer weather hazards, check out this article written by WKRG Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls.


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