Exclusive Video of Ship Carrying Airbus Parts

News 5 first caught up with the BBC Fuji about a mile south of Mobile Bay. It’s a large cargo ship, longer than a football field at 410 feet and 72 feet wide.AIRBUS SHIP PICTURE 2

Despite the vastness of the vessel, she appeared small in the Gulf of Mexico. Moving fast at around 15 knots, within minutes it passed Fort Morgan heading straight for the Port of Mobile.

The BBC Fuji was easy for us to spot because of the giant arms of the white on board cranes that rise high above the deck of the ship, and its bright red deck and blue sides make the special ship stand out from above.

It started in Hamburg, Germany with a lot of fanfare. Pictures from nearly three weeks ago show the loading of the first airliner components.

Major part components on board are the wings produced in the UK, the rear fuselage produced in Germany including the tail cone made in France…containing parts made from all over the world which are buried in the ships hold – protected from the salt water on its 6-thousand mile journey from Europe to Alabama.AIRBUS SHIP PICTURE 1

Still photographs give us a clear more in-depth look at the ship itself. You can’t see the large pieces to be fused together in Mobile, but, one day the area is sure to feel how precious the cargo is.The economic benefit aboard this tremendous vessel is of incalculable proportions.







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