Mobile Playing Catch Up To Regulate For Hire Car Service

While Uber has entered the Mobile market, whether it stays is undecided. And it could take months to find out.

Uber, a car service helps passengrs find a private car through a phone app. It’s now challenging the way traditional taxi businesses operate. Under the new service, anyone who passes a series of background checks can sign up to be driver. But traditional cab services say they operate with a different set of rules, and don’t have to pay as much in fees. However city leaders say it’s a case of technology outpacing regulations on the books. They’re allowing the service to temporarily operate, while council decides how to make sure the rules are fair. An operations manager with a local taxi service came out at today’s meeting to address her concerns.

“I hope that they will decide that we don’t need a second set of standards. I believe what we have now as far as the ordinance for becoming a driver and operating here are sound regulations. I don’t think we need to water it down so that another company can come in here,” said Amelia Easterling.

Mobile City Council members say there may be room for both, but are working to explore the issue further after the public safety committee June 30th.

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