Near Drowning at Gulf State Park Pier

Near drowning in Gulf Shores.
A father and son from Kentucky have a close call while swimming in rough surf Friday.

GULF SHORES, AL In the back of an ambulance, a man and his son are lucky to be alive.

“They were about to drown,” says Teresa Simmons from Boaz. She and her family were on the beach fishing when they heard someone yell for help.

“I heard somebody yelling grabbed the boogie board and ran down there,” says Teresa’s son Hayden. His quick thinking may have saved two lives.

“They were in that rip tide and there was nothing they could do,” says Teresa. “They were just stuck.”

Once Hayden swam out with that boogie board he stayed with them until lifeguards arrived.

“I was trying to get ’em closer where they could stand up. They weren’t too far away from where you could stand up.”

“You could see him swimming and he was going no where you could see water coming around him he wasn’t moving,” Teresa describing the young man she was afraid would drown.

First responders tell News Five the son went swimming first, got in trouble and his father tried to help.

“His dad was in pretty bad shape,” says Hayden.

“I hope he is going to be okay,” says Teresa. “He was unresponsive and the little boy was, we could see him bobbing. He was going down.”

In the back of that ambulance medics were able to revive the older gentleman. Both father and son will begin their vacation with a stay in the hospital.


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