Mobile Leaders Go To Paris Air Show

Paris Air Show 2103

The Paris Air Show—the meeting place for all things aerospace the world over. Several companies, suppliers and lobbyists will congregate here next week. Hoping to get a piece of the pie on the sky is our Mayor Sandy Stimpson and Fred Richardson who was part of the team that left this morning. With Airbus ramping up, they want to attract as many suppliers as possible

.airbus aerial pic

“Well, obviously, with the first plane taking off next year, suppliers are getting a lot more interested. They’re having to make their decisions and I hope to hear some good news, some that have already made a decision,” says Stimpson.

And for those who haven’t made a decision yet, they’ll be there to help them off the fence and into the Port City. Their strategy—lots of casual one-on-one meetings.

“It’s all about relationships, we’re going to have several social gatherings, we’re going to invite key people so we can talk with them in an informal setting and share with them what we’re doing here in Mobile,” says Councilman Fred Richardson.

But government officials weren’t the only ones taking this trip, there were also a handful of representatives from local businesses including Alabama Power, the Mobile Airport Authority, the Chamber of Commerce and the University of South Alabama.

And at $5,000 a person, it’s an expensive business trip. But one the mayor hopes will pay off. Alabama is home to other industries like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, making Alabama an emerging aerospace hub. The Paris Air Show runs from June 15-21.

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