Plain Gardening: Ginger
Plain Gardening: Ginger

Welcome to the Shady Garden with gardening expert Bill Finch.

Lots of folks read gardening books that, unfortunately, were written up north.  Those books often recommend hostas for shady areas, and Bill says although there are a few hostas that do well here, most don’t.

Bill has one hosta in his garden, and—although it’s pretty—it has lots of holes.  They just have trouble with our bugs and our climate.

That’s where gingers come in.  Like “Orange is the New Black” or “50 is the new 30”, Bill says gingers are the new hostas.  There are lots of varieties: some with detailed leaves, some with flowers, some with beautiful red stems and veining against a green background.

With more leaf color, more flowers, and an altogether better show than hostas, what more do you want?  Well, the bugs don’t seem to like them much and gingers love our climate.  They do well in sun and shade and will last from May through September.

They like organic leaf mold in their soil and hot nights.

The Mobile Botanical Gardens will have lots of gingers  at their Marketplace on Saturday mornings in June beginning tomorrow!  (6/13/2015)

Learn more about gingers at the Gardens and learn about the Marketplace at  And call Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings 9-11am on 106.5FM.

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