Fix Coming for Government St. Gridlock?

If you’re trying to get out of Mobile in the afternoon, the traffic is usually unavoidable.

Cars get backed up on Interstate 10 into the George Wallace Tunnel, leaving some to try their luck with surface streets.

But trying to get into the Bankhead Tunnel from Government Street isn’t much better.

“It’s awful, it’s awful and I live across the bay and every time we try to come over it’s just a nightmare,” said one driver.

City officials say they are well aware of the problem.

“Without a doubt there is not a day goes by that we don’t get a call or an email in the mayor’s office from someone saying this is absolutely ridiculous,” said Colby Cooper, the chief of staff for the mayor.

They say the new I-10 bridge is the ultimate fix, but in the meantime, they hope to have a short term solution.

“A lot of the problem is not only the gridlock and the traffic jams on I-10 but it is the sequencing of the lights,” said Cooper. “We can work with ALDOT to fix that problem I know our traffic engineer has been working with ALDOT to figure out how to fix that. The excuse is always going to be capital resources but I think with some ingenuity tied with more resources becoming available in mobile we should be able to improve the situation and finally resolve it with the bridge.”

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