Decommissioned buses to serve as homeless shelters in Hawaii

Hawaii Bus

There’s a new solution offered in solving the problem of Oahu’s homeless. It’s called LIFT: decommissioned buses serving as homeless shelters. The city donated the buses and the design is under way.

The LIFT buses will serve as safe living, showering, and learning facilities for a community of people who normally don’t have free or easy access to such necessities. The Executive Director for the Mayor’s Office of Housing, Jun Yang, proposed the challenge last year Group 70 International’s newest Principal and Design Director Ma Ry Kim and Reid Mizue of Omizu Architecture Inc.

They accepted the project and are working in collaboration with the City and County on LIFT. Group 70 Associate Ryan Sullivan and Designer Charles Siu have also been instrumental in bringing this idea to life, credits Kim.

“Homelessness is a social issue that requires multiple solutions and LIFT offers a viable option that uses what we already have. Our next step is finding a non-profit to take on project implementation. We encourage all local non-profits interested in remedying homelessness on Oahu to consider championing LIFT,” says Kim.

For non-profits interested in supporting solutions to remedy Oahu’s homeless issues, contact Executive Director for the Mayor’s Office of Housing Jun Yang at or (808) 768-4303.

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