‘Uber’ Coming to Mobile?

Uber may soon be expanding to Mobile

Uber may soon be expanding to Mobile.

The ridesharing service is rapidly expanding to cities across the country. Now Mayor Stimpson wants city legislation to allow Uber and companies like it operate in the Port City.

Stimpson plans to introduce his plan Thursday afternoon and it already has some people excited.

“Absolutely I mean let’s get on the cutting edge,” said Zachary Elliott, who used Uber while living in Orlando.

“You have an app on your phone first of all. You don’t have to have cash like a taxi. You just push a button and seriously five minutes later some nice person is there with a car,” said Charity Sills.

However not everyone likes the idea. Traditional Cab companies fear it may create an unfair advantage. Uber drivers typically don’t have to go through the same level credentialing in order to give rides.

“We should be able to hold everybody else that is out here in this same industry by the same standard,” said Nikklos Kidd, owner of Streamline Transportation “The policy should be across the board. I don’t have a fuss about Uber if they are playing by the rules.”

Mayor Stimpson would have to present his plan to the city council for approval before anything could be finalized.

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