Inside the Future Set of the New Nicholas Cage Movie

Filming for the new Nicholas Cage movie about the U.S.S. Indianapolis starts on the 19th with a scene in Orange Beach. While many of the scenes will be filmed at the battleship, you probably won’t be able to catch a glimpse of the stars. That’s because the majority of filming will take place late at night or early in the morning when the park is closed.

Bill Tunnell, Executive Director at USS ALABAMA Battleship Commission, lead WKRG on a tour on board the ship to take a look at where some of the scenes will take place.

Tunnell said you might spot the Chaplain’s Office and the Captain’s quarters in the movie.

“With the exception of one water scene, what you see in the movie will hopefully be what you see every day when you come to see the battleship,” Tunnell said.

The U.S.S Drum will also make an appearance as the Japanese I-58 that struck the U.S.S Indianapolis July 30, 1945. Volunteer Tom Bower lead us through the submarine’s tight hallways to show where the majority of scenes will take place. “There’s a lot of stuff in here that the Japanese didn’t have, so they’re going to have to cover that up with actors or cover it up,” Bower said as he motioned around the room. “But, the main shot they’re going to have is the guy who’s going inside a suicide torpedo; a one man torpedo. They’re going to shoot him climbing up the hatch here.” Bower pointed to a steep ladder.

You might think it takes time to transform an American submarine into a Japanese one, but Bower said movie makers expect to complete the scenes on board within a night or two.

If you hoping to snag a part in the movie, it’s not too late. Barefoot Model & Talent Agency said they’ll continue filling roles even after productions begins. You can send in a video and a headshot if you’re interested.

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