Federal Recreational Red Snapper Season Closes

Red Snapper

ORANGE BEACH, AL If you have a boat and the day off, not a bad day to do a little fishing.

The Duncan family from Bay Minette was part of the flotilla of recreational boats heading out on this last day of the recreational season. “This is our last day to go out in the federal waters,” says Charles Duncan. “So, I mean, you can get all you want out there. We’re trying to make sure we make it out there the last day.”

The short federal season has caused quite a buzz in the fishing community. “Too short, ” says Tara Duncan. “I mean, you know, some times the weather is bad and you can’t make it out so it makes it hard for people with smaller boats.”

Another option, “There needs to be a tag system,” says angler Scott Murphree. “We should be able to fish for them in August or September or October and catch whatever we can catch and let it be the number that we are allotted.”

Murphree follows the politics of fishing closely. He believes a tag system for the federally regulated fish could solve a lot of problems. “They do it for elk. They do it for mule deer. They do it for all big game animals that are on the federal levels so they can do it for a federal fish just the same.”

While the clock is ticking down on this season, “We’ve limited out every time we went,” says Charles Duncan. “There’s plenty of fish out there,” anglers won’t have to trailer their boats for long. The state season opens in three weeks and runs through the month of July.





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