Council Still Supports Soccer Complex. Will Vote June 30th

The Mobile City Council will vote in three weeks on whether to send Mobile County $1.5 million for the County’s proposed soccer complex. The Council set aside the money in its budgeting last fall. Last week, however, Mayor Sandy Stimpson encouraged the Council to spend the money instead on a number of improvements at various parks across the city.

It will cost three million-dollars to purchase the land off Halls Mill Road for the proposed soccer complex. The city funds would pay for half the cost.

“I’m very pro soccer,” Mayor Sandy Stimpson told News 5. He added, however, that it could be quite some time before the County is ready to move on the project.

“If you park the $1.5 million it could be three years, it could be five years, it could be seven years,” said Stimpson.

The mayor wants to spend the money now on a number of projects at parks across the city – like a dog park at public safety park, bathroom improvements at Sage Park, and new lights at Maitre Park.

Councilman John Williams agrees with Stimpson.

“We need to fix what we have before we buy anything new,” Williams said.

Williams initially opposed budgeting $1.5 million for the soccer complex and was joined by councilman Joel Daves. It appears, however, that the five council members who voted to send the money to the county in the first place are still on board.

“Oh yes. I don’t think the five votes will go anywhere,” said Councilman Fred Richardson.

“I’m completely assured in my heart that this is going to be a go because of the need is so much in the community and the desire to see these fields happen,” added councilwoman Bess Rich.

A vote has been delayed until June 30th when all seven council members are expected to be in attendance.

A News 5/Strategy Poll taken this week shows 65-percent of registered voters in Mobile County favor the proposed soccer complex and water park.

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