Business Takes On Mosquitoes Full Time


Driving around Mobile, you see signs advertising different things, but when we saw these signs popping up all over, we had to ask, what is it and who are they? “They” are Mosquito Authority, a business that treats your yard just for mosquitoes.

“We don’t do termites, we don’t do roaches, we don’t go inside homes period, we’re only mosquitoes,” says Owner Mike Allen.

Treating just mosquitoes is really what sets these guys apart from your average pest control. Each specialist carries a backpack that weighs 80 pounds with the solution. Spraying a yard less than an acre takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

“The chemical we use is pyrethroids so it’s an old chemical, been around for a long time, very mild chemical, it’s actually milder than bug spray that contains deet. And especially with the municipalities that spray, their spray does kill adult mosquitoes, but it doesn’t last as long as ours does,” says Allen.

Allen says this stuff is guaranteed for 21 days which is great, you don’t have to spray Off on you, you don’t have to smell like citronella, lighting all the candles around you which is great news for people like me, I have a love/hate relationship with mosquitoes, I hate them but they seem to love me. Just last week, I was actually bitten 11 times all over my legs just walking outside for awhile so it provides a little relief for sufferers like me.

Elizabeth Hayes is co-owner of Seasons Consignment in Daphne and holds outdoor summer sales on the weekend.

“So, last month’s sale, we knew mosquitoes were going to be a problem. One of our crafters actually recommended Mosquito Authority to us,” says Hayes.

After 21 days, the solution is gone, leaving no footprint on the environment, and since it only affects mosquitoes, you can enjoy sitting outside watching other types of less harmful insects.MOSQUITO AUTHORITY PIC 2

“We can effectively kill and keep mosquitoes out of a yard that we service while leaving butterflies, and honeybees and beneficial insects relatively unaffected,” says Allen.

They won’t charge you if you’re not happy with it, and if you want to see how well it works, Seasons Consignment is holding another Saturday tent event this weekend from 8-6!

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