BP Claims Deadline at Midnight


Five years after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, those damaged have just hours left to make a claim against BP.

The claims office on Airport Boulevard in Mobile was packed today.

“I’m going make sure I get in the system so I may get some BP money,” said Kelly Franklin.

Franklin’s not alone making a late claim. 328,000 claims have been filed with BP since the process began. More than 20,000 have been made in the last month.

Many at the claims office today say they aren’t procrastinators. They were already in the system and came by just to make sure all their paperwork was in order.

“I’m coming back to bring some more materials,” said Mary Bryant as she carried in a handful of notebooks and binders.

Local attorneys say there may have been more claims but for BP’s aggressive anti-fraud public relations campaign

“BP did a really good job of scaring people so to speak, making people thinking they were doing something wrong,” said Dean Waite of Mobile. “So a lot of people decided they weren’t going to file anything.”

People at the office today were a cross-section of those damaged by the spill: a waterfront property owner, a stevedore, a business owner. Five years after the spill, they say they’re still working to be made whole.

“I’m hoping we’ll be fairly compensated,” said Drew Plash who owns property at Fort Morgan.

“I should qualify for something but it all depends on what they say. I’ll be happy with whatever verdict,” said Franklin.

The claims office at 3680 Airport Blvd. will be open until 11:59 Monday night.

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